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HealthCare atHOME

Myriad of challenges for India’s health sector

COVID-19, rapid urbanisation and the rising burden of chronic diseases pose major health challenges globally. In India, issues around access and affordability of healthcare services further magnify these problems for its health systems and population. As demand consistently increases, the country’s supply infrastructure is further constrained, both in terms of quality and quantity. Shortages in health workforce and resources as well as limited organised healthcare providers result in India’s population experiencing fragmented, sub-optimal care – within and outside the hospital.

Investing in out-of-hospital care to transform healthcare delivery models

We invested in HealthCare atHOME (HCAH) for its two-fold ability to deliver positive benefits at both the individual and systemic level. HCAH offers a diverse suite of specialised out-of-hospital services at affordable pricing, ranging from ICU-at-home to rehabilition services and recently, COVID care. By providing alternate care delivery structures, HCAH contributes to improving the access and quality of health services for patients, while offering systemic relief to India’s constrained supply infrastructure. HCAH’s out-of-hospital model also ensures patients receive continuous care with reduced risk of hospital readmissions and infections, driving better health outcomes for the population.