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Da Mi & Xiao Mi

Autism is a key challenge for early childhood development

To enable optimal development of the child and inclusion in society in the longer term, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) needs to be addressed early in childhood. In China, about 10M people are estimated to be affected by autism. Based on the global exposure rate of 1%, China would have more than 2 million children with autism and the number increases by 200,000 children annually. With a low diagnosis rate and limited opportunities for schooling, children with ASD may be discriminated against and excluded from society, while caregivers too experience low social acceptance and mental stress.

Enabling improved life outcomes for children with ASD and better well-being for their families with a research-backed and localised approach

We invested in Dami & Xiaomi to support the company’s mission to scale and improve access to ASD therapy solutions across China. The company has developed proprietary intervention techniques that are well-suited to the children it serves.  Its proprietary therapy system integrates ABA-based methodologies with localised content tailored for Chinese users. The company also offline and online training for parents and caregivers, to help them manage their children’s special needs at home.