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Chongho Bridge

Rural communities require enabling capital to advance the economy

China has the world’s largest unbanked population of nearly 287 million people, with majority in rural areas. These rural communities typically comprise micro-entrepreneurs or small-scale enterprises that are unable to sustain or scale with insufficient financial resources.

As MSMEs account for 97% of registered businesses and 82% of employment in the country, limited access to financial services has been and continues to be a significant barrier to economic development in rural China. The success and revitalisation of these rural communities and economy are integral to the continued growth of the Chinese economy.

Investing in affordable microfinance solutions to revitalise the rural economy

Chongho Bridge’s convenient, fast, and economical rural services enable borrowers to invest in their livelihoods, achieve financial resilience, and ultimately better their standards of living. Better business prospects also enable customers to improve their working conditions and provide more employment opportunities to their communities.

Chongho Bridge facilitates the achievement of sustainable economic development in these rural populations. Our investment in the company highlights our commitment to advancing financial inclusion and reducing inequalities for underserved communities.